180 Highlight- A Poem from Melvin Williams

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

the Seeker  

I have captured a moment, which will be cherished for life.

2010 taught me a lesson from a mistake I won’t make twice.

I’ve been so angry and confused, lost and unfound.

Blind but not beaten, lost out in sea, but I didn’t drown.

I ‘m still around, bruised and badly wounded:  Just broken.

All happy in the face but I feel down.

Walk with my head high, but I still see the ground.

I’m wide open when I used to be a closed book.

Capture the moment of that life you took.

Why? Cause I didn’t see… I couldn’t tell… It wasn’t me.

The past predicts my present, that’s not how I want it to turn out to be.

When I’m asleep I’m trapped in this cold dark place.

Nobody hears me calling out, and then I awake, just another day.

Until this day I still walk in those shoes.

Knowing what to do but not how to do what I got to do.

Misused, confused, loved, hated, BLESSED, but full of pain.

I’m the black cloud that makes it rain.

No source of light is helping me change.

Cause the light is within me to change.

But I can’t find the sun to stop the rain.

Melvin Williams Aug. 18, 2010

This poem speaks for itself of the struggle I wrote about in other entries.  I am always moved by the depth and vulnerability in his poetry.  I hope this helps you connect with him and his situation.  He also wants this to be posted in the event that someone else may be helped or encouraged.  Thank you Melvin for your openness.


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