180 Mentoring Challenge- August 11, 2010

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized


Call, text, Facebook, email, etc. someone who you have or had a mentoring relationship with but you haven’t talked to recently.  You can be the mentor or the mentored it doesn’t matter.  Let them know what you mean to them.

I spoke to four different people today.  Two called me, one for a job I am helping him with (former player, 5 yrs.) and the other, to go to lunch before he goes to college (graduate I have mentored for 6 yrs. going off to play college football). The other two I called, one  just to see how he was doing (former student, 5 yrs.), the other,  Melvin (4 yrs.) challenging his present situation and getting him motivated.

You would be amazed how much it means to both to continue to connect.  It can be life changing, again.  Let me know how it went.

You can:

  • Facebook-Coach Pyper 180
  • Email-coachpyper180@gmail.com
  • Text-919-368-1499
  • Yell-Hey Coach
  • Call-919-368-1499
  • Twitter-CoachPyper
  • Google-Coach Pyper

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