180 Motivator Aug. 5, 2010

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Mission 180- 2010

I had a Facebook chat a couple days ago.  It was from a former student who left the high school where I had been working.  She didn’t have all her credits, she had drama all around her and finally just gave up.  Home, school, and social life, it all was unsettling for her.  She didn’t know how to give “This Much”.   She had connected with a few teachers and we encouraged her and pushed her.  The distractions won and she quit.  Before she left I told her when she went to college I would pay for her books.  I never stopped believing in her.

We kept in touch after she dropped out.  I continually challenged her to return to school and finish.   She floundered for a while and then went to an alternative school to finish.  She graduated recently and let me know that the books are on order.  She knew I still believed in her.  She was determined but distracted.  Some of the distractions were her fault, others brought about by life’s circumstances.  Either way she fought through and is now attending college and looking into nursing as a major.

It might take a long time for some people to figure out.  Our anchors (God, family, teachers, coaches, etc) are the key.  But deep down it comes back to what we choose, because only you can give “This Much”.


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