“This Much”

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Mission 180- 2010

“This Much, This MUCH, THISS MUCHHHH!!!”

It is the 1st day of football practice.  It is almost over.  Run 16, 40 yd sprints with all you’ve got and you get to go home.  No times, just all you’ve got. 50 young men with the same challenge, the same goal.  If they do it they are together, if one fails they all fail.

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”  The athlete feels this deep down and has to deal with it.  As the team prepares for what is ahead the coaches have to know who is in and who is out- “This Much”.

The first few sprints are sharp.  As they run more and more sprints they have to keep each other focused and determined.   “Let’s Go!!!, WOOO!!!”  The leaders are yelling to their teammates to keep it up.  Coaches and players together are hootin’ and hollerin’ all for one reason- “This Much”.

It’s getting down to the wire and they are winning the battle of wills.  A few stop, throw up, and then continue to sprint,  others begin to question if they can give any more.  They get to the place where they can SEE the END and they know it is only- “This Much”.

They are getting excited now.  You can hear coaches and players alike pumping each other up to give more.  They finish.  Now everyone is jumping up and down and they circle up and break it down and run to the head coach.

He meets them and they settle.  All eyes are now on Coach.  He looks at them with his hands stretched out the yard that they will need to get- “This Much”.

He begins to talk about a time that one of his former teams needed a yard to win.  They were down and all they needed was that yard to seal the game. They came up short.  He was determined to never have a team come up short again.  He let’s them know, with hands still outstretched that he needs “This Much” from every player on every play.

He has their attention.  The other coaches then talk about what “This Much” means to them.  The players are locked in, their full attention given completely to the idea of what it takes to become a team, to become a winner, to become a champion.

It takes— “THIS MUCH”.


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